The Design Council Is Looking for Good Product Ideas

The Design Council has a half million to help finance new innovative ideas to help older people remain connected. The video explains what it is all about - so does this link.


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Never Ending Stories

I read this Frog Design piece a while back and it's stuck in my mind ever since. It's an interview with artist Jonathan Harris (he of We Feel Fine fame) about his (not yet live) new project that is about encouraging people to tell long-form stories (or integrated memories) using photos, videos, timelines, sound maps, and then connecting those stories up by automatically identifying commonalities (people, places, times, themes) and weaving them together into a kind of 'meta-story'.

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The Perfect Community

I loved this short film that asked one simple question: "What Does 'Community' Mean To You?". As Maria points out there are some (perhaps expected) universal needs that seem to emerge including proximity and convenience, face to face interaction but the over-riding need seems to be for a sense of belonging.

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Human Business Is Social Business

Last week I had the honor of performing the opening Keynote at Community Conference 2011 hosted in Copenhagen Denmark. A delightful, high quality event with attendees coming from all parts of Scandinavia and Europe, it also featured talks from Dell's Bill Johnston and Good Magazine's Max Schorr.


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New Model for 24/7 Marketing on Social Media

More and more, I hear murmuring whether social media will become the new Second Life for marketeers.

The answer: Yes. And no.

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