The 4 C's of Community

by: David Armano

From latest contribution to Ad Age Digital:

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Looking for Mr. Goodtweet: How to Pick Up Followers on Twitter

by: Guy Kawasaki

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Your Voices Needed to Help a Worthy Project

by: John Caddell

Can the sharing of stories bring a community together?

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Herman Miller's Next Innovation Is in Clinics and Hospitals. How about the Aeron Wheelchair?

by: Idris Mootee

"Renji Murata PSE CDB Chair" was created by the famous illustrator, artist and designer, Renji Murata. Renji "Range" Murata is a well-known Japanese artist known for his unique style combining Art Deco and Japanese anime elements. He is best known for his conceptual design work on anime series Last Exile and Blue Submarine No. 6. This a great chair for reception area, curious to see if peole would seat on it.

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Facebook and Techcrunch: the Costs of Technological Determinism and Configuring Users

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Six Degrees of Separation Is Now Three

by: Matt Rhodes

I have just read a report by O2 which looks at ‘degrees of separation‘ and shows that where once there were six degrees of separation connecting any two people on the planet, that number was now three. We are more connected than ever before, the theory goes, it is easier than ever before to build and keep a network of connections.

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A Penny for Your Brain Fodder

by: danah boyd

My blog is boring these days. Most of my writing energy is being spent on my dissertation. And I promise, none of you want to hear details of how I fine-tune my methodology chapter. I can't even keep you entertained with outrageous tales of sordid trysts because, well, there aren't any. Hell, I barely leave the house.

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Web 0.0 to 5.0 - Spheres of Influence

by: Gary Hayes

Currently doing some talks about online buzz and the ‘network’ and thought I would share some of those cute charts I threw together to illustrate a few angles.

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Goodness and Happiness

At the recent Future of Journalism conference that the Guardian ran (an internal conference that they generously blogged about), Jeff Jarvis gave a talk on the 10 questions news organisations should be asking now. One of the questions is "Are we generous?". Generosity, says Jeff, can take many forms - sharing, supporting, enabling. One of Jeff's most quotable quotes is "do what you do best and link to the rest" - drawing away from the control model of media 1.0 to one in which the intention and execution is altogether more altruistic.

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How Community Builds Audiences and Makes Discovery Stick

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