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HCI (Human-Computer Interactions) Is Fast Evolving to Deal with Emerging Computing Paradigms. Today It Is a Little Cognitive Science and AI, a Lot of Anthropology and Social Psychology.

Industry (aerospace, telecom, Ddefence, automotive, consumer electronics, etc.) has developed a growing interest in Human-Computer Interaction, as powerful and numerous features do not ensure a successful product at all without a clear usage understanding by their target users. HCI (Human‐Computer Interaction) is a fascinating discipline; the field has its origin in the 80s primarily in computer science and cognitive psychology.

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Gender Gap in Perception of Computer Science

by: danah boyd

"New Image for Computing" recently released a report in their first wave to understand the image of computing among youth. Funded by WGBH and ACM, this report examines both race/ethnicity and sex-based differences in perceptions of computing. What they found was that there is little race/ethnicity-based differences in how youth perceive CS but there are HUGE gender based differences in perception.

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