3 Paradigm Shifts That Will Drive How We Compete in The 21st Century

J.P. Morgan believed in trusts. It seemed to him that excessive competition diminished profits and undermined capital formation, which he saw as essential to building a modern economy. Although that may seem like a strange point of view today, it was one widely held by 19th century industrialists.

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The Goliath Advantage

In David and Goliath, bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell explains how small upstarts often have surprising advantages over larger, more powerful opponents.

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Are Banks Really Digital Laggards?

Two recent tweets caught my attention:

@Chris_Skinner: It’s not Branch versus Digital, but digitizing all channels including branch

@gschmeltzer There is no head of digital at Amazon or Zappos – they ARE digital. Banks need to be, too.

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Good Enough + Simplicity = Killer Strategy. What Is Considered Good Enough?

Many products out there are good and probably good enough. But strategists would say that companies need more great products with good designs to succeed as there are too many me-too products out there. It is half the truth. There are many kinds of good-enoughs and you need to put it in a big strategy context. Read on and I will explain why.

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What Is Competitive Advantage?

Terminology like competitive advantage, differentiation and value creation tend to get overused in businesses. This HBR piece on the work of Michael Porter from Joan Margretta who worked with him for almost 20 years succinctly captures how often such terms are misappropriated ("Competitive advantage, for example, is often used to mean 'anything we think we're good at'.

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Competitive Brand Positioning

"Real" Competitive Advantage

According to the Deloitte Centre for the Edge, under 25% of the workers it surveyed are passionate about their work. Worse, the level of passion in the workforce turned out to be inversely related to the size of the company. Unsurprisingly perhaps, the self-employed were the most passionate, but the findings indicated that the larger the company, the lower the level of passion among the workers.

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4 Vital Tips for Surviving an Industry Where Good Design Is Abundant

Good design and designers everywhere, just browse the Internet and you will see.

From the comfort of your laptop you can consume the hottest cars, furniture, digital cameras, laptops or mobile phones etc. Sure there are some great designs, but the rest of the majority are getting pretty good. Moreover where there is good design, there are also good designers.

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Riding the Headwinds of Business

Ever run or cycled into a headwind? You have to work a lot harder to make the same progress that normally comes a lot more easily. Conversely, running or riding with the wind at your back is a glorious feeling.

On a recent ride, I had plenty of opportunity to consider how headwinds and tailwinds apply to business as I tried to distract myself from all the huffing and puffing I was doing just to maintain a decent speed. Here’s what I came up with:

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Going for the Gold

I’ve finally made it through all of the hours of Olympics coverage which I DVR’d because I had been unable to watch most of the Games live. Since I already knew the result of many of the competitions, I was interested in watching mostly for the profiles of the athletes and stories behind and nuances of their achievements. I gleaned a few insights that seem to have relevance for companies who are competing in the game of business.

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