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Artificial Intelligence Is Your Next Sustainable Competitive Advantage. Let’s Start With The Black Box.

For decades, companies have been searching for sustainable competitive advantages—but not many can claim that they have achieved this. Now, one big opportunity lies ahead of us and the race has only just begun. Artificial intelligence and deep learning is powering up the next level of digital transformation. Those who can transform their organization beyond simply adapting technologies and focus instead on changing the work culture and processes to being digital first will be in better positions. It has become apparent that AI may very well be part of the solution to achieving this.

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Strategy in a Networked World

Legendary strategists have long been compared to master chess players, who know the positions and capabilities of each piece on the board and are capable of thinking several moves ahead. Historically, that’s been a smart way to run businesses too.

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How To Innovate Your Business Model in 5 (Not So Easy) Steps

In the 1950’s, Haloid Corporation thought it had a winning product. Through some clever engineering, it had created new technology that was leaps and bound better than anything that had come before it. The only problem was that nobody wanted to buy it.

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You Don’t Need to Beat Your Competitors, You Need Innovation.

I was both surprised and curious to find out that legendary business guru Michael Porter’s multi-million dollar Monitor Group had filed for bankruptcy protection in November 2012.
It was an interesting read for me as it highlights some of the problems of the business of consulting. This segment of the article stood out for me.

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What Is Competitive Advantage?

Terminology like competitive advantage, differentiation and value creation tend to get overused in businesses. This HBR piece on the work of Michael Porter from Joan Margretta who worked with him for almost 20 years succinctly captures how often such terms are misappropriated ("Competitive advantage, for example, is often used to mean 'anything we think we're good at'.

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Competitive Brand Positioning

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