Generic Social Strategies: Become the Platform or Drive the Community

Michael Porter popularized the idea and proposed generic strategies for organizations like Cost Leadership and Differentiation. Normally I’m not a fan of generic strategies as I don’t think they really lead to a sustainable advantage. IMHO most strategies should take such good use of your organizations talents, capabilities and resources that it should be virtually impossible to copy your strategy. In other words if you are worried about sharing your strategy with people because you think people might steel it, I’d suggest you find a new strategy.

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A Presentation about Community, by the Community - The Finished Presentation

OK. So here is the finished presentation from my presentation crowdsourcing experiment (back story here) that I gave at yesterday's conference. In the end I had about 30 slides contributed. I've tried wherever possible to leave them in as original state as I could, but (perhaps inevitably) I've had to make the odd tweak, usually just to aid the flow of presentation, and ensure that the slides linked together reasonably cohesively.

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