When #CCM and #CX Collide

What are you doing to bring your customer communications into the 21st century and into alignment with customer expectations?

Companies are making a huge effort to move their customer communications from traditional channels to the digital and social realm, while continuing to use and maintain offline communications, as well; however, there's a disconnect between the voice, tone, style, and messaging that is used in digital channels versus in traditional media. This is a problem.

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It's Time to Re-Invent Advertising

Several weeks ago I drafted a post articulating the need for the Public Relations industry to re-invent itself. That still needs to happen—and there's a lot of work to do. What I didn't communicate in that post is the fact that it's becoming increasingly meaningless to distinguish yourself as a practitioner of "advertising" or "public relations" because increasingly to the end consumer, user or stakeholder—it's all just becoming content. And as I've stated many times before:

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A Wider Digital Perspective (part 1)

How does digital communication affect business outside marketing?

In this two-part article I will try to explain the changes I’m seeing in the convergence of emerging digital communication, branding and business.

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Yeah, Groupon Sucks

The extraordinarily successful group discounter Groupon succeeded in offending pretty much everybody with its Super Bowl ads, which spoofed worthy causes (for instance, actor Tim Hutton bemoaned the destruction of Tibet's culture while celebrating the Groupon discounted curry fish at a Tibetan restaurant in Chicago), and then with an explanatory letter from its CEO claiming the spots were intended to bring attention to said causes (and that they actually made fun of Groupon).

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