Spectacle at Web2.0 Expo... From My Perspective

Last week, I gave a talk at Web2.0 Expo. From my perspective, I did a dreadful job at delivering my message. Yet, the context around my talk sparked a broad conversation about the implications of turning the backchannel into part of the frontchannel. In the last week, I've seen all sorts of blog posts and tweets and news articles about what went down. At this point, the sting has worn off and I feel that it would be responsible to offer my own perspective of what happened.

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Marketing Messages Are Simply Another Bee in the Hive

Cynthia Kurtz starts off a recent blog post with a provocative statement: “Telling a story is not always the best way to tell a story.”

She continues:

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Algorithm Fetishism or What Facebook Gets Wrong

My Facebook news feed is overflowing with people complaining about the changes to Facebook’s news feed/live feed. They boil down to two complaints (1) the news feed has too little and (2) the live feed has too much.

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When Designers Do Not Understand What They Are Communicating

I usually write posts like this over at (The Design of Everyday Things), but this one I though to share it here instead as it requires a more in depth discussion.

My colleague brought this to my attention at the local hotel loo. This fairly handsome vertical hand dryer by ToTo was filled with discarded paper towers. A vertical hand dryer uses high speed air, directed downwards, to blow excess water off your hand after washing it.

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Twitter: 'Pointless Babble' or Peripheral Awareness + Social Grooming?

I challenge each and every one of you to record every utterance that comes out of your mouth (and that of everyone you interact with) for an entire day. And then record every facial expression and gesture. You will most likely find what communications scholars found long ago - people are social creatures and a whole lot of what they express is phatic communication. (Phatic expressions do social work rather than conveying information... think "Hi" or "Thank you".)

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How to Evaluate Social Media Street Cred

You may or may not have heard that Best Buy, when recently announcing they were hiring a director of emerging media listed a requirement that qualified applicants have a minimum of 250 + followers on Twitter. This launched a flurry of debate specific to this one issue, but the bigger issue as we've discussed here before is that organizations are increasingly looking for individuals who can not only fit into their corporate culture—but also poses a DEEP knowledge in all things related to social business.

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The Value of Dynamic Signals

It's been called micro-blogging, micro-sharing and a variety of other phrases including the word ambient. But there's a significant attribute that's been less discussed and is critical to both business and social implications regarding how we live and work. Technology allows us to signal our every movement, thought, action and status in real time. It's pretty powerful stuff and why millions of people are addicted to telling their own social sytems what they are doing whether it be a status update on Facebook or a tweet.

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The Revolution Will Be Fetishized

Now that the refrains of "Twitter Revolution" and "the first uprising powered by social media" are fading into the distant memory that is 24 hours ago, we can start debating what impact, if any, it had (or is still having) on events in Iran.

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6 Steps to Valuable Internet Content (unabridged)

by: Yann Gourvennec

important notice: this is the unabridged version of a post first published on

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Blogwell #3 Presentation by Nokia's Molly Schonthal

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