Chris Anderson

Word of Mouth Is Now a Public Conversation

by: Lynette Webb

This is one of those things that in many ways is so blindingly obvious that it almost doesn't warrant mentioning.

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Easter Egg: One Hour Keynote on The Long Tail

While we didn't start this blog for the numbers and don't care about them too much, we are a little bit proud that in the last 10 days we broke through the Technorati 10,000 barrier, Alexa's 50,000 barrier and for the first time hit over 1000 subscribers on Feedburner (A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE WHO ALLOW US TO PUBLISH THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS).

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The Wrong Tale: A Checklist for Long-Tail Implementations

by: Guy Kawasaki 

1. Make everything available.
2. Help me find it.
Chris Anderson, The Long Tail

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