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I Spent 29 Years Adopting Channels for Customer Service – Here is What I Learned

I figured I’d try a little bit of click-baiting, see how it works…

Beyond the lame title, this is a good post.  Another one in the “I did an amazing webinar, and these are the questions I did not get to” series.

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Evangelizing Omni-Channel (Why It Is Not the Answer)

One of the topics that we set out to discover during out surveys past two years (note: take our survey this year, please? was whether organizations and practitioners were already on board with the concept of omni-channel. What we found out was pretty much in line with what we expected: it is too early for them to focus on it.

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Are Banks Really Digital Laggards?

Two recent tweets caught my attention:

@Chris_Skinner: It’s not Branch versus Digital, but digitizing all channels including branch

@gschmeltzer There is no head of digital at Amazon or Zappos – they ARE digital. Banks need to be, too.

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How Taylor Swift Hit the Target Bullseye

Yo Taylor, I'm really happy for you, I'ma let you finish, because you have one of the bestselling albums of the past five years. Not to get all Kanye about it, but Taylor Swift's new record "Speak Now" just sold 1 million copies in one week -- only the second time that's been done in the past five years.

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