Successful Business Transformation Requires a New Logic To Handle Ambiguity and Change

The future is scary and there are reasons for it. I have been giving a lot of keynotes lately to different professional organizations and senior executive roundtables and my keynote topic of strategic innovation and design thinking went beyond innovating to find growth and adapting to new economic, market, political and social order.

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My 9 Top Tips for Implementing Change – #likeminds(1/10)

my Like Minds keynote on intrapreneurship (1/10)

Tomorrow, on the 19th of October 2011, in Exeter in Devon, I will be keynoting once again at the famous Like minds events. My keynote this time will not be about social media per se, but about change management and intrapreneurship. The keynote is entitled “confessions of an intrapreneur”.

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Would You Sell to a Handicapped Person?

Last week I received what I consider one of the more remarkable job applications I have gotten in a long time. I've actually reprinted it below (with permission) so you can have a look at it as well.

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The Evolution of a Marketer

Guest Post by: Maria Pergolino

B2B Marketing: The Evolution of a Marketer

According to Merriam Webster, by definition, evolution is “a process of continuous change from a lower, simpler, or worse to a higher, more complex, or better state.”

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Will You Become Irrelevant?

I often wonder what makes us pull up short. Why do we not step over the line between being comfortable and terrified? Between the center and the edge? Between staying the course on a path we know leads to a slow decline and another that leads to an exciting but unknown future?

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The New Generation of Middle Men

As soon as the Internet made one generation of middle men redundant, it introduced a completely new one – at a great cost to brands.

The first generation of middle men (helping brands and products meet people) was at a cost to the consumers; by adding a premium to the price. The new generation (helping consumers to products) puts the burden on the brands; turning products into commodities and deleting the brand value from the equation.

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The Economics of Co-Creation. Can What Happened to Microbrewery Happen to the Auto Industry?

A lot of talk and interest around the concept of co-creation. It is no question that this is going to have lasting implications on how products and experiences are designed, developed and marketed. In 3-5 years, customer co-creation will be part of the norm of everyday business.

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Business Is Now an Action Sport

Kick it off. Drop the ball. Setbacks. A free pass. Take it over the finish line. Follow-through. The vocabulary of sports penetrates the business world. Due to the highly competitive nature of business, the concept of teams meeting on the playing field for a fierce contest has clear application to business as we’ve known it.

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"The Future of Advertising" Speech by P&G's Ed Artzt, 1994

On May 12, 1994, the CEO of Procter & Gamble Edwin Artzt delivered a speech at the annual 4As conference on the future of advertising. It has since become a classic, often referenced but rarely read in full. The speech, written months before the first banner ad received its first impression, was prescient in many regards and inspiring throughout:

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Importance of Brand in the Digital Media Environment

Basic marketing economics teaches us that the best way to make sure not to make any money is to create a product that is identical to every competitors offer, and then market it in abundance. Unfortunately this is also a good description of the digital media/publishing environment.

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