Don't Waste This Crisis. It Is the Best Time for a 'Reset'. Sometimes It Takes a Life Shake up To Put Us Back on the Paths We Need To Be On.

There were tours visiting our office last week, people were curious about what we do and what kind of people we hire. It is an interesting question. I guess our job is to help large companies go through mid-life crisis.


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Corporations Should Create a New Role: 'Chief Social Engineer' Accountable for the Company Second or Third Bottom Line

Very crazy weeks with 8 key projects in critical phases and we're excited on every one of them. MIT Global Challenge is one of my favorite since day one as it is a great idea to bring the brightest minds of MIT alumni to solve the world's wicked problems. There is no shortage of wicked problems, while we try to solve one, new ones are being created.

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Romans, Barbarians, and Innovation

by: Sigurd Rinde

Yesterday, Thomas Friedman of NYT quoted from the historian Lewis Mumford’s book, “The Condition of Man,” about the development of civilisation. Mumford was describing Rome’s decline:

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Is Your Industry in Danger of Being Disrupted?

There is much talk about innovation — and there are many approaches to creating new things, from the famous “open innovation” ideas of Henry Chesbrough to the ever popular notions of Clay Christensen about “disruptive innovation“. 


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Five Common Mistakes on Innovation and Managing Change. Much that Is Held as Common Wisdom Regarding How Purposeful or Successful Innovation Happened Is Wrong.

Walk into a Barnes and Noble you can find dozen of books on innovation. There are books from teaching the ‘how to” to creative thinking”. Not many good ones simply because the subject is a moving target with rules being broken and created everyday, existing tools are getting obsolete, and best practices are often worst practices. Much that is held as common wisdom regarding how purposeful or successful innovation happened is wrong. This is not to say that all organizations are not innovative; obviously many are not thanks to our management systems and education.

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Herman Miller, a Business Lab Disguised as a Furniture

I was fascinated by the story told in a recent strategy+business piece about Herman Miller, Inc., the “office-furniture maker.” That descriptor belongs in quotation marks because it seems the company is as adept at building breakthrough business practices as it is its cool Aeron chairs. The article offers a peak into the great company behind the great brand. I’ve culled from the piece insights about what Herman Miller is designing in its business lab:

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An Advertising Reformation?

I may be looking too hard for hopeful signs but I think we may be at the threshold of a reformation in advertising, which will mean larger changes in the communications world overall. Here are two of them and why I think they’re important (and somewhat related):

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Rethink Your Business

To Survive, the Fitness Industry Must Rethink Fitness” is a piece Club Industry, the magazine for fitness business professionals, asked me to write.

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Think Video Keynote

So, yesterday I gave a keynote at a Google video event which featured an interesting line up of speakers followed by a good panel moderated by Matt Brittin, the UK MD. It was a lot of fun doing it. Google have kindly allowed me to put my presentation up here. It touches on many of the themes about which I've been obsessing lately plus some points that I've made before, but which I still think many media organisations are missing. My thanks to the people at Google for inviting me to be a part of it.

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The Brain That Changes Itself

Book Review: The Brain That Changes Itself: Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science by Norman Doidge

For centuries, the human brain was considered largely immutable after childhood. We were told that we had all the brain cells we’d ever get by the time we were adolescents.

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