No, What Does Your Brand Do?

The marketing media was buzzing last week with news that CBS will promote its fall program lineup via a teeny-weeny video player inserted in an issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine. I know the ad industry is in dire need of some good news, but doesn't anybody else think this is utterly stupid?

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Does CBS Get It?

by: Nancy Baym

First they go and buy, and have the sense to leave it in London with the current crew still in charge, and now their CBS Interactive president, Quincy Smith, is talking major sense about how CBS tv and the web ought to get along, as seen in a recent article in the Los Angeles Times.

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CBS: What Is Viral Video?

by: David Armano

Timing as they say is everything. asks the advermarketing community What is Viral Marketing?  CBS asks the question: What is Viral video?  So here is an interesting case study. 

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