The Real Capitalist’s Dilemma

Last spring, the Clayton Christensen, one of the world’s top management thinkers, suggested that, despite being awash in cash, corporations are “failing to invest in innovations that might foster growth.”He considers this trend so insidious and pervasive that he called it the capitalist’s dilemma in Harvard Business Review.

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3rd Wave Capitalism: Podcast

I was recently interviewed by Scott Henderson for the site New Empire Builders, which is a site dedicated to finding new startups, interesting non-profits, and interesting new firms.  In my conversation with Scott I talk about the idea of third wave capitalism — which rides atop the standard, global, infrastructure for knowledge work — the internet — and what it means for businesses and individuals.

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Maxwell's Demon and the Frictionless Economy

The great promise of the Internet has always been the ability to create truly "frictionless" markets, where buyers and sellers, producers and consumers, are able to do business directly with one another. Fifteen years after Bill Gates first coined the term friction-free capitalism, a new generation of Internet companies are innovating to find ways of reducing friction within the Internet economy.

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Co-optedalism - Cashing in on the Anti-Consumerist Movement

What is the power of a movement today?

What kind of impact can movement marketing really have?

How does a movement protect itself as it evolves and more and more people join the ranks around the planet? OWS is a good yardstick to find answers to these questions. Most interestingly the latter.

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Musings on the Future of Capitalism: What's Mine Is Yours

In their new book What's Mine is Yours, Rachel Botsman and Roo Rogers brilliantly capture the current socio-economic zeitgeist. While the last 50 years were all about the hyper-consumerism fueled by advertising and credit, the current period is all about the creation of a new model of collaborative consumption that is based on a belief in the commons, trust between strangers and new ways to exploit excess capacity.

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3rd Wave Capitalism: Radical Business Innovation Begins Anew

Last week, on Thursday night September 16, 2010, I had the good fortune of speaking to the Society for Information Management’s (SIM’s) Boston chapter about the implications of social media. You can get the slides here.

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Creative Capitalism + Social Innovation = New Social Enterprises that Make Money and Change the World

We need more (and more innovative) social enterprises and I really want to see a top tier MBA programs with specialization in Social Enterprises. Call it B-school needs S-school. There are so many problems out there and sometimes we feel we are almost giving up. Our capitalist system is not adjusting well to these shocks. It is almost pointless for these endless debates on how things got to this point and who is to blame. The point remains: We've got to change it—and change it fast – and change it for the better.

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5 Things Companies Must Do Now to Making This Downturn into an Upturn

by: Idris Mootee

Can we see the future of capitalism? Does it have one? We have pushed capitalism to the extreme and exposed the worst side of it. Yes, capitalism has two sides. The good side is the part that appeals to our self-interest. It gives entrepreneurs a free hand to pursue their ideas in the marketplace, and create wealth, jobs and economic progress in the process. The bad side of capitalism is that it's not good for sustainability.

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Finding Equity in Labor

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

(note: this is part 3 in this week's 5-part series on the brandification of our lives) 

Earlier this year, I wrote that Karl Marx was prescient when it came to explaining the woes of corporations that find themselves chasing the same consumers.

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