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The Next Time You Pick Up the Phone to Call a Customer Service Agent You Might End Up Talking to an Inmate in Tijar, India.

Global customer servicing outsourcing is touching us everyday and sometimes you don’t know who you’re talking to on the phone or online when you call your service provider.


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A Big F***ing Deal in Customer Service (hat tip to Joe Biden)

I heard a remarkable conversation recently. A woman, whom I pictured to be in her 50s, was talking to a help line to solve a problem she was having with her internet service. The very polite support technician continually misinterpreted her question & asked her which channel on her cable television was acting up. After three go-rounds with no progress being made, in a low, teeth-gritted voice she told the computer she was talking to: “Send me to a person.”

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Offshoring Telesales Reduces Close Rates - Why?

I’ve heard from several friends in call center operations that outsourcing inbound telesales to the Philippines has resulted in close rates below expectations. In at least one case that I know of, a company is re-establishing an internal sales center to try to get to the root of why telesales is harder to offshore than customer care.

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The Invaluable Stories inside Customer-service Calls

Much of the story work I’m familiar with involves asking people to tell stories about their experiences on a particular topic. I do some of this myself. But I’ve also done work with a completely different class of story. This story is created out of the spontaneous meeting of two people - a customer and a customer-service rep - over the telephone.

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Can We Fix Marketing? Most Best Practices Are in Fact Worst Practices.

by: Idris Mootee

On average I receive 2 calls a night if I am lucky enough to be having dinner at home and not traveling; these calls are properly timed so they know I will be having candlelight dinner with my family and that’s exactly the time for interruption.

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