The Inside Word on Word-of-Mouth Marketing

by: Guy Kawasaki

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Measuring Word of Mouth

by: Mark Rogers

How do you measure word of mouth? The increasing importance of social networks to brands and advertisers has raised this problem very sharply in the last few weeks. Media owners, pharmaceutical companies, automotive manufacturers all need to know the same thing: how am I doing?

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Who's Sexier - Tom Ford or Dov Charney?

by: Scott Goodson

Perhaps they are equally sexy. And that's a marketing challenge if one portfolio of product is a great deal more expensive. How do you feel the luxury and fork over thousands of dollars more for one shirt vs another?

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New Year's top resolution: Managing your online reputation!

by: Christian Smagg

Well, 2008 has arrived, along with the New Year's resolutions and the
ever-present pundit predictions. Now that we're on the other side of
the New Year, I thought I would share my thoughts on what I feel should
be one of the companies' top priorities - and probably their number 1
resolution for this year: Efficiently managing their online reputation.

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Firebrand - Extremely Ambitious Advertising as Content Destination

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