State of Green Business: Companies take stock of natural capital

One of a series of excerpts from the 2013 State of Green Business report (download here).

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The State of Green Business, 2013

The 2013 State of Green Business report, our sixth annual, has just been published. It tells a story of the shifting business reality — a world slowly coming to grips with a changing climate, economic volatility and great risks to business as usual.

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What Great Clients Do

Some business leaders manage to become talent magnets. Not only are they followed by loyal employees and pursued by prospective ones, but they also attract the best agencies, consulting firms, and freelancers. 

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3rd Wave Capitalism: Podcast

I was recently interviewed by Scott Henderson for the site New Empire Builders, which is a site dedicated to finding new startups, interesting non-profits, and interesting new firms.  In my conversation with Scott I talk about the idea of third wave capitalism — which rides atop the standard, global, infrastructure for knowledge work — the internet — and what it means for businesses and individuals.

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Move Over Entrepreneurs, Here Come The Intrapreneurs

Originally posted on Forbes

In the wake of Facebook‘s IPO, and despite where the stock goes from here, one thing is clear: Entrepreneurs–especially successful ones–arethe new rock stars of business culture. Despite this trend, the reality remains that for every successful entrepreneur who builds even a modestly successful business, there are thousands who struggle and toil endlessly and may never see the fruits of their labor come anywhere close to commercial success. Add that to the fact that while entrepreneurialism seems to be enjoying a golden age of sorts, it isn’t for everyone.

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The Creative Business Problem

What is the creative industry selling? Ideas… The time when ideas had currency is long gone.

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Thriving in Business

The Next 80% (Part 1. Introduction)

According to Microsoft people have moved on, they have explored and adopted online communication / connected technologies to such a degree that they are almost unrecognizable compared to only five years ago.

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Red Tape Is Good for Business!

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Stronger Contracts, Less Trust

Business agreements are usually secured by written agreements that define the obligations of the parties and state what happens under various conditions. Having been party to a few business deals launched based mostly on enthusiasm and trust, I can certainly vouch for the importance of such agreements. Not everyone relies entirely on extensive documentation, though – oilman T. Boone Pickens famously collected $3 billion when courts upheld his handshake deal to acquire a piece of Getty Oil. And, we find, there’s actually scientific evidence that stronger contracts can reduce trust.

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