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Love Is All You Need

This is a post about love. I don’t mean the touchy-feely romance between lovers love — nor the air-kiss-“you-look-mahvelous” social lubricant love. Rather, I mean love as a game-changer for business leaders.

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Leadership and the Elite

Guest Post by: Laszlo Kövari

The table has turned: it’s no longer the State that provides context for economics; business itself has (tried to) become the context.

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There Are Three Types of Businesses in This World. Either You Are Selling 'Bandages', 'Snake Oil' or 'Transformation'. The Problem Is It Is Never Easy to Tell the Difference.

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Niche Marketing Is The Key To Viral Marketing

by: Karl Long

Bobby Hendersons post explaining his Fine Art Taco experiment should be required reading for all marketing, advertising, business people, and bloggers.

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