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Don’t Waste Time Testing Business Theories. Use Them Instead

Strategists and management consultants love theories. Executives like to consume them, as it allows them to make sense of things. People are now criticizing how Clayton Christensen’s theories about “Disruptions” are now outdated and were created based on incomplete data.

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Are Business Schools Preparing Students for a Flat World Where Organizations and National Boundaries Are Becoming Blurred

Looking at this year MBA rankings by Financial Times, there aren’t many changes in the Top 10 list. Top ten remains the Top 10. The surprise is ranking No. 10 is a Hong Kong Business School and No. 12 is an Indian Business School. Other top schools (some are more local) ranking: IMD (Swiss) ranks 15, HEC (French) ranks 18, CEIBS (Chinese) ranks 22, Haas ranks 28, Cornell ranks 38, Ivey (Canadian) ranks 49. Here's the latest FT Global Top 10 MBA Rankings for 2010:

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