Would You Become a Fan of a Brand on Facebook?

We posted a couple of weeks ago about Facebook fan pages and how more than a third of fan pages have fewer than 100 fans. There are lots of reasons for this – many fans pages are designed to have just small numbers, some are niche or local brands and some are small but powerful groups of people interested in a certain topic.

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Friends With Benefits, and Other Data

I love how Razorfish makes all of the charts from its Feed report available zipped up in one convenient folder -- with all the powerpointage going on, it makes the brand very spreadable. Separately, you have to admire the effort that went into illustrating each of these reports (I already did last year).

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Shouldn't Brands Starting Own Their Own Media Channels?

There is an African proverb that says: "Two men in a burning house must not stop to argue."

The media business, and especially the News Media business is going through tough times. It's being hit from the left by a stubborn recession and on the right by massive waves of new technologies.

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Branded Biographies

If you had only 160 characters to introduce yourself, what words would do you pick?

Would any of these words be a brand name?

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Forget About Harley and Apple

Have you noticed that most conversations about branding inevitably include references to Harley-Davidson and Apple? Sprinkle in mentions of Coke, Facebook, and Zappos, and you get the context of every agency pitch for more spending on brand engagement, loyalty, or whatever else these examples might suggest.

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Getting Started 4: Track and Evaluate the Success You Are Having

For any brand getting started in social media, the most important thing is to be able to show the impact you are having. To be able to evaluate and assess what is working and what isn’t having the results that you might expect. To show the return on investment that your efforts are having and how this compares to other methods.

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Getting Started 3: Have a Go and Experiment with Social Media

There are too many stories of brands having tried and failed to use social media effectively. It may have been a disaster or, more usually, just not have had the impact and return on investment for the brand as it might have had. The most effective way to avoid this is to make sure that when you are getting started in social media you have done some effective planning first.

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Getting Started 2: What Do You Want to Achieve?

In the first part of our guide to getting started in social media, we looked at buzz tracking. Why brands benefit from understanding who is currently talking about them online, what they are saying, to whom and where. Once you have an understanding of what is currently being said about your brand in social media, you will be much better informed about the issues of interest to people, the opinions they have, who your influencers and advocates are and where you can start to engage with people in social media. The next step is to work out what you actually want to achieve.

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Getting Started 1: Do You Know What People Are Saying about You?

When brands are getting started in social media, they really benefit from understanding who is currently talking about them online, what they are saying, to whom and where. After auditing what your brand footprint currently is, you can begin to make decisions about where you should have a presence, the issues of interest to people in social media and the discussions and debates that your brand can both benefit from and contribute to.

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How Brands Can Get Started in Social Media: A Guide

Last week, I was interviewed for an article in the Independent about how brands should be using social media. Whilst some of the other interviewees talked about how brands could use the like of Twitter, I took a step back:

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