The Land of Lost Brands

Though I often like to riff on smart or silly marketing decisions, I'm more interested in the business strategy behind brands. In considering Dell and Starbucks, I'd have to say that both companies are utterly and somewhat similarly lost

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I Hate the Word "Content"

Calling the output of writers, musicians, moviemakers and even the artisans of branding's dark arts "content" is like referencing the substance of every meal "food," or labeling the specific events of human experience "life."

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The Brand Commandments: 1. Thou Shalt Be Useful

One of the key questions for a brand online is: where do I fit in? How can I join the conversation? Of course, it all depends on the brand how you can answer that question. Some brands are naturally the answer to a problem. Some brands clean floors, or fill in your tax return for you.

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A Brand Too Far?

Mr. Clean is a car wash in Texas. Gerber sells baby life insurance. Caterpillar makes flashlights. I think the brand extension business is just a little crazy.

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Ghost in the Machine

Toyota's latest crisis illustrates a problem that will continue to plague multinational businesses: what does "the brand" stand for when there's seeming limitless breadth, depth, and variability to corporate activity?

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Emergence of Identities

Guest Post by: Laszlo Kövari

Identities exist on three levels: potentially, virtually or actually.

At this stage we’re not talking about brand identities. Just identities.

On the level of potentialities these identities are pure concepts and they are independent of any particular individual.

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When Brand Names Go Bad

This blog posting is not specific to the 50-plus.

During my career I have been involved, a number of times, in trying to devise new brand names. It never ceases to amaze me how much time companies spend on this activity and how introspective and complex they become. This year I written a lot about Age Concern/Help the Aged long and laborious journey to come up with the name AgeUK.

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Should We Revive Dying Brands and Companies? Or We’re Better off Creating New Ones? Does "The Circle of Life" Apply Here?

We make assumptions that it is the management team responsibility to extend or prolong the life of any companies even if they have fewer reasons to exist. Management is different from practicing medicine, although sometimes I am called the strategy doctor. Instead of wasting resources and energy to save a company or a brand, should we just take whatever assets and redeploy them In life, the cycle of life is the natural order of things.

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FUTURELAB 100 – 2009

It’s that time of the year again where everyone makes lists and hitparades. We don’t do too many of them, yet the Futurelab 100, always brings interesting insights into the ways Interbrand’s most powerful brands are relevant online (or not?).

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It Impacts the Brand

I had the opportunity to talk with WPP's MediaCom and some of its clients in NYC earlier this week at one of its "Fast Forward" events, and it was a really interesting conversation that changed my thinking.

My proposition to the group was absolute in the extreme; I asked them what these media experiences have in common?:

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