The Permanent Sale

Jos. A. Bank is running a big sale this weekend. Wait a minute, it seems that it runs a big sale every weekend. Buy one, get two free. 50% off all merchandise. There are endless permutations of the deal, but they all center on putting the store pretty much in permanent fire sale status.

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Branding No-Brand Brands

Street fashion designer Rick Klotz has announced that he's going to forsake any brand logos or names on his Freshjive products next year. Is it an anti-branding move, or something more?

I say something more.

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The Fatwa on My Head

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

You probably haven't caught wind of it, but some brand traditionalists have issued a fatwa on me. It's quite a compliment, really, and kind of comforting that I don't rate the scrutiny of a Salman Rushdie. But they're still pissed off, and they wish me dead.

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Future of Marketing and Advertising... Is Gaming?

by: Taylan Kadayifcioglu via Business and Games Blog

I have exposed myself to a number of new ideas (and reminders of old ones) over the last week, all about the present and future of marketing and advertising; and they are beginning to converge nicely.

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What Is Social Branding? What Makes a Brand Social? What Do You Need to Do to Become a Truly Social Brand beyond Just Getting into Facebook and Twitter?

by: Idris Mootee

I remembered talking to a group of senior marketing executives two years ago, the topic was “Branding 2.0 Is to get social” and many were scratching their heads and weren't sure what I was referring to. To answer the question "what's social branding?” we need to understand what branding is?

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What Right Do Brands Have to do Research in Social Media?

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Brands that Build Communities

by: John Winsor

After writing a lot about community in both Spark and here on theblog, I've been wondering what's the latest state of brands and how the interact with communities by asking a couple of questions on Twitter.

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Social Networks: Acquisition or Retention Tools for Marketers?

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Big Brands in Social Media: Ford and Southwest Airlines

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Brands Will Learn by Doing. Get over It.

by: David Armano

What was my strategy when launching this blog? How about when I started using Twitter over two years ago when most people dismissed it as a fad, trend, and a tool for narcissistic individuals who wanted to tell the world what they had for lunch? My strategy?

I wanted to learn by doing.

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