Got Branding?

The last time I wrote about Nabisco’s Oreo brand, it was in Mega-Branding: The Purple Oreo Problem. In that post I was critical of the seemingly crazy proliferation of Oreo variations – 46 offerings, including “Purple.” My criticism was based on research showing that offering consumers too many choices can reduce sales.

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As the Brand Turns

When I spoke to a group of advertisers last Wednesday, there were a few stalwarts who wouldn't have anything to do with my premise that the traditional model of branding is broken. The next day, P&G's CEO Robert McDonald weighed in on my side of the debate.


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Scarcity in Action

In a reply to my post, The Scarcity Effect, Neuromarketing reader Keith Monaghan pointed out how one bourbon marketing effort is employing scarcity to build its brand.


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Branding No-Brand Brands

Street fashion designer Rick Klotz has announced that he's going to forsake any brand logos or names on his Freshjive products next year. Is it an anti-branding move, or something more?

I say something more.

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College Branding and Banner Ads

Banner ads may be the most common method of reaching consumers on the Web, but they don’t get much respect. Web marketers talk about “banner blindness,” implying that users become so used to the presence of these ads that they no longer even see them. I don’t think it’s time to write off the ubiquitous banner just yet, though. First, here are some comments on college banner ads from top marketing blogger Seth Godin:

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The Age of Wonder

I'm really enjoying reading The Age of Wonder, by Richard Holmes, and I think I've already discovered some relevance for marketers.

The book is about the "second" Industrial Revolution, which took place about the same time the English Romantics wrote their paeans to holistic knowledge and cosmic oneness. Holmes recounts explorer Joseph Banks' discoveries of island exotica, and astronomer William Herschel's musings on deep space and time, as enabling prompts and inspiration for those poetic musings.

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Is Branding Dead? Our Brains Say No!

A recent post at ClickZ declares that branding is “Ineffective, Irrelevant, Irritating, and Impotent.” The author, Augustine Fou (I can’t help but point out “fou” is French for “crazy” or “madman”  ), starts by suggesting that “branding” (as a verb) implies an artificial construct, something other than the brand itself. Fou says that he himself isn’t influenced by branding messages:

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Is Branding Dead? Ask These Kids

As a followup to my post, Is Branding Dead? Our Brains Say No, here’s more evidence that advertising-driven branding is alive and well. In this video, neuromarketing expert Martin Lindstrom conducts a series of on-camera experiments with a group of “tweens,” kids 8 to 12 years old:

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Cash For Jabs

People are going to need three flu shots this fall: one for the "normal" flu, and two to protect against swine flu. The vaccinations will need to happen on three visits, separated by a few weeks each. The Centers for Disease Control report that only a third of U.S. adults are willing to make the trip to get one shot.

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A Starbucks by Any Other Name

A new local coffee-shop called "15th Avenue Coffee and Tea" is opening this week on Seattle's Capitol Hill, only it's not new, nor is it local. It's a test concept from Starbucks that, if successful, could appear in other markets.

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