Responsive Marketing

In the beginning, there were products and services, and some were good. Fewer became trusted brands, but those that did enjoyed unquestioned loyalty supported by a simple yet effective marketing engines built to reach people in mass quantity. The formula worked for decades. An empire was built on the shoulders of Madison Avenue and expanded globally. It is an empire, which still exists today, though arguably it’s a diminished version of its former self.

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Coherence: making the shift from silos to systems. The power of brands to change the world, part 2

Continuing from our previous post, let’s look at two P’s of world-changing brands: power and permission.


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The Power of Brands to Change the World, Part 1

While many of us live out our sheltered lives, the rest of our country and world remains trapped in destructive cycles: poverty, climate change, poor health, declining education, habitat destruction, toxic waste… the list goes on. Companies play a huge role in both the problems and the solutions; they’ve been making progress in CSR and sustainability, but it’s been largely through behind-the-scenes efforts to mitigate risk or reduce costs.

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Brands Who Used The Force on Star Wars Day #Maythe4thbewithyou

Brands that insert themselves into relevant cultural events is now becoming a norm in marketing. Did you know that May 4th is considered Star Wars Day? These brands did, and they inserted themselves in the conversation by producing content which reflected it.


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Social Media Are More Interested in Your Supply Chain Than Your Marketing

Horse meat keeps turning up in European food products. Though the vast majority of brands tested most recently by the UK government came up clean, meat from Taco Bell and Bird’s Eye got flagged. This comes after major equine revelations about Burger King’s cheeseburgers and Ikea’s meatballs.

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The true colour of brands and true nature of infographics (1)

Thanks to my favourite stumble upon gimmick for finding new content and subjects, I discovered this

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B2B Employee Brand Engagement

Building a strong B2B brand starts with corporate culture.  Business leaders must rally their employees around common cultural values because culture determines whether they will embrace and appropriately interpret and reinforce it in their customer interactions.   The opportunity is to use culture-building to optimize a company’s internal workings and engage the workforce in delivering unique, focused, and aligned customer experiences.

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Unconscious Branding by Douglas Van Praet

Book Review: Unconscious Branding: How Neuroscience Can Empower (and Inspire) Marketing by Douglas Van Praet.

“The fact of the matter is anyone can do neuromarketing without ever scanning a single brain.”

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A Different Look at a Brand Story

Once a upon...
... there was a story about your brand.
Have you heard it?

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2.7 billion mobile cameras to ship by 2018 - what this means for brands

Recently I posted about global digital camera shipments out of Japan decreasing by 40%+ - 48% when it comes to entry level cameras.

The reason is of course the increased use of smartphones as people’s main cameras.

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