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Brand Platforms Are like Political Ones

Earlier this week I posted some key takeaways from the keynote speakers and panelists at the Southern California Business Growth Conference. As a panelist on the marketing track, one of the things I said during the “Brand Implementation & Impact: Bring your Brand to Market” session seemed to spark some interest of its own – and so I thought I’d say more about it here.

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Balancing Luxury, Tiffany Style

Luxury brands face a difficult challenge: they must be exclusive, and usually expensive, to maintain their elite status. At the same time, a brand that has extremely limited distribution may not be able to acquire or maintain the visibility in the marketplace that makes the product both recognizable and desirable.

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P&G’s Strategic Review of Brands Isn’t Really Strategic

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As the Brand Turns

When I spoke to a group of advertisers last Wednesday, there were a few stalwarts who wouldn't have anything to do with my premise that the traditional model of branding is broken. The next day, P&G's CEO Robert McDonald weighed in on my side of the debate.


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The Democratization Of Music

While technology has already enabled a new generation of musicians to create and share their art without the constraints (and costs and, er, profits) of traditional music distribution, it could be about to change the way we listen to it, too.

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Cash For Jabs

People are going to need three flu shots this fall: one for the "normal" flu, and two to protect against swine flu. The vaccinations will need to happen on three visits, separated by a few weeks each. The Centers for Disease Control report that only a third of U.S. adults are willing to make the trip to get one shot.

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Follow ups - Netflix & 'Harry Potter Marketing'

Both the above topics, subjects of recent posts, were discussed today in separate articles in the Wall Street Journal.

This article recounts the history of Netflix’s move into on-demand video, with a nice behind-the-scenes view into the thinking of CEO Reed Hastings, and the senior team’s discussions as they pondered trying to make their old business model, delivering DVDs by mail, obsolete. (Here’s our earlier post on the subject.)

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Why Didn't GM Use 'Harry Potter Marketing'?

I was driving to the local baseball field this week (very slowly–there’s a townwide sidewalk construction project underway and every street is a work zone). Coming the other way was a big Cadillac driven by someone in the Cadillac market sweet spot–a 75-year-old guy. Which got me wondering about Cadillac and GM’s restructuring and the flashy, angular Caddies they’ve been selling for the past 10 years. The guy I saw was driving an older Seville, long and smoother, a real Caddy.

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Five Strategies for Building Your Ethical Brand

by: Jennifer Rice

There’s been a lot of discussion about elevating corporate responsibility to become a strategic driver of your business. Most companies would like to benefit from their ethical efforts in the form of increased customer attraction and loyalty, yet few have figured out how to do it successfully. When marketing and PR are relied on, it can often backfire in accusations of greenwashing. The secret is to apply brand-strategy principles to build your ethical reputation.

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Pepsi's Brilliant Branding

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

No, not its inane brand image campaign and logo nonsense. I'm talking about its announced intention to spend $6 billion to take control of its bottling and distribution operations. I think it is the smartest branding move the company has made in recent memory.

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