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Why Red Bull Loves Its Haters

When Dietrich Mateschitz launched Red Bull in 1987, he wanted the brand to be perceived as an ultra-premium drink so he made it the most expensive carbonated drink around at $2 a can.

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Mercedes Is Driving Dangerously, Chasing Customers

Brazen.” “Provocative.” “Exuberant.” What automotive brand comes to mind when you hear those words? BMW? Audi? Maybe even Porsche?

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Great Brands Start Inside

Yay! It’s finally here!  The official launch of my book, What Great Brands Do: The Seven Brand-Building Principles That Separate the Best from the Rest (Jossey-Bass).

The book introduces a different way of thinking about and building brands. If you ask most people to define “brand,” they will often turn to the usual suspects: a tagline, logo, advertising message, etc,. Traditionally, brands have been understood in this way – as outward-facing, image-focused expressions. 

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Marmite vs Oxo: A Tale of Two Brands

Why do some brands make it into your basket while others stay on the shelf? What makes us want to buy one and not the other? Is it solely their inherent quality or is there something else at stake? A branding expert would say that this is no accident: it’s the emotional tug of a successful brand at work.

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Innovation Strategy as Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is changing: From creating a unique story around a generic experience to designing a unique experience that tells its own story.

In a recent panel featuring four of Norway’s most prominent CMOs, there was an agreement amongst several that their brand strategy was increasingly becoming an innovation strategy rather than a communications strategy.

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Creating Loyal and Motivated Customers through Brand and Design Strategy

Customer retention comes down to one simple thing: Having a good reason to stick around. In this presentation for the banking / finance industry I argue how brand and design strategy is not only underused in the category, but also, if used properly, can represent a cost effective way of creating loyal and motivated customers.

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Museums: The Past As Prologue

Chicago's Museum of Science+Industry (“MSI") is running a contest to pick somebody who'll literally live inside the place for a month later this year, in hopes that the winner will help promote it to the outside world.

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Why Not Operationalize Brands? Part 2

In a post earlier this week, I started to address why some companies don’t operationalize their brands. I suggested that there are 3 kinds of business leaders who fail to leverage the full potential of their brands.

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The Joy Luck Club Method to Brand Strategy

I’ve finally gotten around to reading “The Opposite of Fate:  A Book of Musings,” a book released quite a while ago by Amy Tan, the author of best-selling novels like The Joy Luck Club and The Kitchen God’s Wife. Like all of her other writings, this book has been a delight to devour. Not only has it entertained me and helped me understand Tan (and therefore myself), but also it has inspired me. Tan includes many insights about story-telling and communication in general which I believe can be applied to developing brand strategies.

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Could Pabst Be Too Cool?

Pabst Blue Ribbon ("PBR") is a 100 year old+ beer brand and one of 25 labels just bought by an investor renowned for his ability to make old brands profitable again. I want to give him the benefit of some dim insights, though it's proving much harder than I expected.

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