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It’s Valentine, and I Want a Divorce

Dear Marketer,

Valentine just passed, and together with many others, my wife and I celebrated that sacred bond that only loved ones can share: a warm and lasting relationship. But as we did, I also started thinking about that “other” relationship you tell me I should have.  The relationship with your brand and your company. 

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Is Your Brand Cheap & Easy?

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Unstuck from the Middle

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

For all of the news about Google's implicit threat to evict ad agencies from their traditional role as go-betweens for clients and their commercial content, now publishers of all types are getting in on the game.

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The Marketing Spiral

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We Are The Story

by: David Armano

What can brands learn from social experiments?

1. A passionate community is the lifeblood of your brand.  Without it—a brand is hollow.
2. People want to interact with your brand—to be a part of it somehow, to make it their own.

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Reverse Market Customer Experiments

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