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Brand Platforms Are like Political Ones

Earlier this week I posted some key takeaways from the keynote speakers and panelists at the Southern California Business Growth Conference. As a panelist on the marketing track, one of the things I said during the “Brand Implementation & Impact: Bring your Brand to Market” session seemed to spark some interest of its own – and so I thought I’d say more about it here.

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The Brand Promise: Reality Gap

Attention:  fast food marketers – you’re wasting half of your advertising!

But I’m not talking about the waste that John Wanamaker was referring to in his famous quip about not knowing which half of his advertising was being wasted. I’m talking about the average of 48% of people who say there’s a big difference between what you promise in your advertising and what they experience at your restaurants.

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Next Business Day

Remember Dell Hell?

In 2005, Jeff Jarvis got a lemon of a laptop and made the story of his customer support tribulations public on his blog.

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Digital Forces Brand Authenticity

I’ve begun reading BrandDigital: Simple ways top brands succeed in the digital world by Allen P. Adamson, and found myself wholeheartedly agreeing with Adamson on the need for brand authenticity. In College Branding: Rooted in Reality, I noted that phony branding messages might have worked for tobacco firms in the 1950s, but higher education branding can’t be contradicted by reality. Adamson points out that the speed of information dispersion by today’s digital media mandate branding messages that match the company’s deliverables:

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Five Strategies for Building Your Ethical Brand

by: Jennifer Rice

There’s been a lot of discussion about elevating corporate responsibility to become a strategic driver of your business. Most companies would like to benefit from their ethical efforts in the form of increased customer attraction and loyalty, yet few have figured out how to do it successfully. When marketing and PR are relied on, it can often backfire in accusations of greenwashing. The secret is to apply brand-strategy principles to build your ethical reputation.

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Brands & People

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The Mistake Economy

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

When a credit card company assesses a fee on late payments, and then raises four-fold or more the interest rates it charges, it's not just realizing one of the primary sources of income for the entire industry.

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Brands That Make No Promises

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

If brands are a promise, then the rules of chance, tactics of politics, and the uncertainty of human behavior all suggest that we should promise as little as possible.

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Better OS & Better Search

by: Joanthan Salem Baskin

I had an epiphany when I was in New York last week and Google announced its G1 phone:

Google is the new Microsoft.

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Converting the Converted, and Other Tricks of the Light -- Adrants

by: David Polinchock

Love this story from Brian Collins to describe what a brand is and how it should act. He always has great examples! Read the full article for other great stories that Brian told during the One Show presentation.

On Wednesday at the One Show Festival, design guru Brian Collins illustrated the power of branding with a history lesson about pirates.

Or rather, just their flag.

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