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Siri vs Speaktoit: A Perspective on Modern Brand Names

When Brand Names Go Bad

This blog posting is not specific to the 50-plus.

During my career I have been involved, a number of times, in trying to devise new brand names. It never ceases to amaze me how much time companies spend on this activity and how introspective and complex they become. This year I written a lot about Age Concern/Help the Aged long and laborious journey to come up with the name AgeUK.

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Doomed to Repeat It

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

When philosopher George Santayana suggested that failure to learn the lessons of history doomed us to repeat its mistakes, he presumed that we'd at least be aware of it.

Woolworth's had no such awareness when it offered the "Lolita Midsleeper" bed set for kids. And neither did lots of its customers.

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