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The Two Loyalty Models Compared in a Nutshell

You are doing Loyalty the wrong way.

There are two models of loyalty: emotional and intellectual.

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Loyalty Points, What's the Point?

by: Design Translator

I recently had a discussion with my better half on how “Loyalty Points” are pointless these days. (Please excuse the pun!) I rather have a clutter free wallet than carry my Ikea or local hardware store loyalty card.

Why accumulate points and work for delay gratification when I can get immediate satisfaction with more money in my wallet? I believe this has become more important in our current economic crisis.

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So Maybe Hogs Can't Fly?

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

Harley-Davidson's stock price is little more than a third of what it was a year ago, representing a steep decline in the intangible value of its brand.

With motorcycle demand down 30% in the U.S., and a near-total evaporation of the hog-makers ability to write loans for would-be buyers, is the company just another victim of tough times...or is there something flawed in the way the experts routinely celebrated the relevance and utility of its brand?

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Turning Delighted Customers into Devoted Customers

by: Matt Rhodes

There’s a great set of slides from Andy Hanselman on how to turn delighted customers into devoted ones. Andy is right that your best customers and best brand advocates are those who have high expectations of your brand and a great experience when they use it.

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49% of UK Shoppers Report Switching Brands After Googling

by: Mark Rogers

Research from the European Interactive Advertising Association suggest that the power of the web to lure consumers into trying new brands is greater even than we thought. 49% of UK consumers admitted to switching brands after online research. 76% were driven by search, 72% by personal recommendation.

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