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How Should We Evolve or Extend Our Brand

You’ve got brand-building questions; I’ve got answers!

Today I’m introducing a new short series of videos to address the questions I frequently hear about brand-building. My answers are taken from my recent media interviews, so they’re based on real-live issues. Take a look at the first instalment: How should we evolve or extend our brand?

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The Secret Behind the James Bond Brand

With last week’s premier of the latest James Bond film, Skyfall, I’m reminded of the brand extension lessons that can be derived from the successful Bond movie franchise.  I’ve found couple observations about the evolution and extend-ability of James Bond spot-on:

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Brand Extension Insights from Bieber and Trump

What do Justin Bieber and Donald Trump have in common? Besides mops of hair! Both guys (we can’t really call 17 year-old Bieber a man yet) are driving major brand extensions – they’re own.

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A Brand Too Far?

Mr. Clean is a car wash in Texas. Gerber sells baby life insurance. Caterpillar makes flashlights. I think the brand extension business is just a little crazy.

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Strip Mining Cartoons

Disney's announced acquisition of Marvel Comics delivers 5,000 cartoon characters that can provide fodder for movies, books, games, plush toys, and amusement park rides. I'm not sure what this says about the future of the entertainment industry, or that what it says is particularly encouraging.

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An Extension Too Far?

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

One epistle in the branding canon concerns the extension of brand names to products and activities that may not be so obviously connected to the origins of said notoriety.

And the gurus said let there be a Mr. Clean Car Wash.

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Tiffany - Extending the Brand Magic to New Categories?

by: Idris Mootee

We did a little shopping this weekend my wife and I stumbled upon a few good finds including a pair of Burberry snow boots and a pair of elegantly designed Tiffany sunglasses (with Swarovski crystals on the sides).

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