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The Age of Wonder

I'm really enjoying reading The Age of Wonder, by Richard Holmes, and I think I've already discovered some relevance for marketers.

The book is about the "second" Industrial Revolution, which took place about the same time the English Romantics wrote their paeans to holistic knowledge and cosmic oneness. Holmes recounts explorer Joseph Banks' discoveries of island exotica, and astronomer William Herschel's musings on deep space and time, as enabling prompts and inspiration for those poetic musings.

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Fix My Face. Really.

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

Clarins Group, a French cosmetics brand, is rolling out spas in upscale department stores across the U.S., in an effort to provide facials as a catalyst for selling its products.

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Great Placement?

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

I know many communicators will claim that there's no such thing as bad publicity, but check out the logo on the medic's sweatshirt. 

Context matters, doesn't it?

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2009 Social Media Predictions

by: David Polinchock

Peter Kim has put together a wide range of predictions about social media for 2009 and I've listed a few of my favs below. If you click on the link below, you can go to vote for your favorites as well. My top three picks:

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Brand Experience Innovation Ideas that Promise to Fly Even in a Recession

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John Gerzma Stares Down the Recession

by: Scott Goodson

John Gerzma sent me this note today. He is author of The Brand Bubble: The Looming Crisis in Brand Value and How to Avoid it. ( He also heads up the strategy group of Y&R brands.

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Brands That Make No Promises

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

If brands are a promise, then the rules of chance, tactics of politics, and the uncertainty of human behavior all suggest that we should promise as little as possible.

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Advanced Brand Strategy Masterclass Week 3 - Luxury Brand Marketing

by: Idris Mootee

we have great momentum on the debate on this subject, this is the
perfect time to introduce next week's module - Managing Luxury Brand.
The topic of "Brand Meaning"

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Service Design and Advertising

Urban Spam


I was reading through the blogosphere tonight and came across a piece on Greg Verdano's blog about Urban Spam and that led me to several other postings, all linked here. The quoted section below is from PSFK, which has some good thoughts on the whole concept of urban spam. The second video lists the prices for a variety of OOH ad buys in NYC too.

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