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Flashy Micro-sites Are So 2007. Look for Distributed Content Experiences in 2008.

by: David Armano

I'm having a real-time Twitter conversation with Adweek's Brian Morrissey who, as an avid runner is not a fan of the site and offers this opinion:

"the content is one-size-fits-all lame, the redirect to forums sucks out loud and it's still nike talking at me."

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Repurposing the Corporate Blog to Reach Green Influentials

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The Marketing Spiral

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We Are The Story

by: David Armano

What can brands learn from social experiments?

1. A passionate community is the lifeblood of your brand.  Without it—a brand is hollow.
2. People want to interact with your brand—to be a part of it somehow, to make it their own.

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Coke Virtual Thirst: A for effort, C- for execution

By: Stefan Kolle 

Coca-Cola has launched a contest to design a virtual experience vending machine. Also see the press release here. My co-contributor Karl Long already wrote a fairly positive review, but I'm afraid I have to add some negative points of view here.

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Coke and Second Life - More Social Media and CGC Experiments

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Engaging Green Consumers through Consumer Generated Content

by: David Wigder

Part I of an Interview with Bruce Ertmann, Corporate Manager of Consumer Generated Media, Toyota...

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One for the Weekend: Apple ... You're Beautiful

by: Alain Thys

Today I had a lunch meeting in which the topics of conversation included Net Promoter Score, delighting customers and making sure consumers care enough to carry your brand's message into the world.  Yet when you put all the buzzwords aside, I think this video of an Apple fan and her dream says it all.  

Would your customers care enough about your brand to include your brand in something like this?

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Some Random Thoughts on the Biz

by: David Polinchock

Had some quick thoughts this morning while in the shower and I thought that I would share them with you.

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