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Brand Evolution Problems

This month’s round-up of articles I’ve read focuses on brand evolution problems. Companies usually need to evolve in order to remain relevant to changing customers and to continue to grow. But many have difficulty figuring out how to do so or adapting their organizations.

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If Your Employees Don’t Understand Your Brand, How Will Your Customers?

The other day I was meeting with the executive team of a growing retail chain, a prospective client. The conversation turned to the brand tagline and as the Chief Executive Officer began to explain how the tagline came to be, it became clear that no on around the table had ever heard the explanation before.

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Large Hadron Rap

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Blogs Are Free Samples of Your Brand

by: David Armano

The headline of this post is borrowed from my good friend Mike Wagner who I felt captured the significance of the business blogging event also known as SOBCon 07.  Here's the presentation I gave which can be downloaded from Slideshare.

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Succinct Positioning

by: Jennifer Rice

Five words or less. Use consumer language, not "clientese." Follow the 4D rule. These are a few of my guidelines for writing positioning statements that are compelling and executable.

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New Word for Brand?

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