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H&R Block Do Social Media

by: Mark Rogers

H&R Block used social media marketing to boost their profile and raise awareness of their digital accounting product, reports Ad Age. The lady responsible was Amy Worley (Photo: Jonathan Fickies). They used YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Second life. As AdAge comments, this kind of marketing in social media is “about stacking up many small ideas to create a big total impact”.

Key stats:

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Study: Low Awareness of Brands in Second Life

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How To Use Thought Leadership To Build Brands and Nurture Leads

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Green Marketing through Behavioral Targeting

by: David Wigder

An Interview with Dave Morgan, Founder and Chairman of Tacoda  

With diverse demographics and evolving attitudes toward eco-friendly products, green consumers are an elusive segment to characterize, let alone target.

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Banner Impact on Search Click-Thru

by: Jon Miller

Seth Godin recently had a post called The 249% Solution, in which he referred to a Yahoo! study on how brand ads and search ads interact. The study found that for one Yahoo! client, (Harris Direct, an on-line brokerage), a "reasonable buy of banner ads" grew unaided brand awareness by 7% but increased clicks on text paid search ads by 249%.

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