The Persuasion Slide Book, Coming Soon!

Some of my readers may know I’m working on a book that expands on my Persuasion Slide™ model. It’s a framework I developed for helping marketers and other persuaders think about each element of the persuasion process.

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Brand Book Bites from Do Over

The book: Do Over: Rescue Monday, Reinvent Your Work, and Never Get Stuck is a humorous, helpful book for anyone who wants to get more out of their work

The brain: Jon Acuff is a popular speaker and writer whose past books include New York Times bestseller Start

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Customer Experience Survival Guide

Feeling like you need some guidance with your CX Journey? Not sure where to turn?

I'm excited to share details about a new ebook for which I wrote a chapter. The book was compiled by Sprinklr, and it's aptly titled, The Survival Guide to Customer Experience.

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Brand Book Bite from Evolve: Marketing as We Know It Is Doomed

Welcome to my latest “brand book bite” — check out the full collection of write-ups and author interviews here.

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Brand Book Bites from the Birth of a Brand

Here’s my newest “brand book bite” — check out the full collection of write-ups and author interviews here.

The book: The Birth of a Brand:  Launching Your Entrepreneurial Passion and Soul (Beyond Words Publishing), a business memoir about the world-renowned UGG brand of sheepskin boots from Australia

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Brand Book Bites From a Beautiful Constraint

The book: A Beautiful Constraint: How to Transform Your Limitations Into Advantages And Why It’s Everyone’s Business — a very smart text that is organized into three sections comprising the requirements needed to find the beauty in a constraint: mindset, method, and motivation.

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Brand Book Bites from Sticky Branding

The book: Sticky Branding: 12.5 Principles to Stand Out, Attract Customers, and Grow an Incredible Brand – a very helpful book for small- and mid-sized businesses.

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Do You Suffer From Funnel Vision?

They say if you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. One of the favorite tools of marketers, the sales funnel, may produce the same kind of myopia, according to Unmarketing’s Scott Stratten.

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Brand Book Bites from Aaker on Branding

The book: Aaker on Branding:  20 Principles That Drive Success

The brain: One of the definitive voices on branding, David Aaker. Dave has published more than 100 articles and 15 books on branding, brand strategy, and brand management, including Managing Brand Equity and Building Strong Brands, two texts that have served as my bibles.

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Summer Reading List: Books That Explain the Future

It was such a long, cold winter that it sometimes seemed as if we would be perpetually buried under a mountain of snow. As soon as we’d shovelled ourselves out, we’d get hit with another avalanche of it.

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