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Free Report: Bloggers as the New Storytellers

by: Alain Thys

If you want an update on who is blogging in the United States and on what, this free report from Pew is an interesting read.  Apparently 39% of net users (about 57 million American adults) read blogs while about 8% of net users (about 12 million American adults) keep one.  The most blogged about topic is "my life and experiences".

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One Third of Bloggers See It As a Form of Journalism

by: Lynette Webb

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Crowdsourcing And the Wisdom of Bloggers

by: Karl Long

If you haven’t heard about it yet a company just launched called Cambrian House that has built an incredibly interesting system to open source business ideas.

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Mind Candy for the Weekend: Lynette Webb

Who says a blogposts should consist mainly of words?  Lynette Webb, has turned around conventional wisdom and uses photography to make her point (supported by a limited amount of words).  Focusing on media, marketing, digital life and the

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Ten Questions with David Sifry

by: Guy Kawasaki

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Rocketbust: It’s About Talent

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Power Consumer is The New PC

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Blogs: Back to the Basics

by: Josh Hawkins

I was in a PR meeting last week and blogging came up. These conversations always seem to turn on risk, exposure, liability, trust, competition. Unfortunately, these topics tend to derail attention to the key benefits of engaging in social media tactics as part of more general marcom strategy. 

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The Four C's of Blogging

by: David Armano

Here’s a visual representation of what makes for a good blog.  It’s not a complete list, but it is my perspective.

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