Why CES Doesn't Matter

The 2011 International Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas ended yesterday, not with a bang but with a whimper. 

Here's why it’s an anachronism:


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Boing Boing Sells Out?

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

With the Federal Trade Commission ("FTC") pondering adapting its archaic advertising regulations to cover blogs, I chanced upon some blatant commercial content posing as a blog post on one my favorite sites, Boing Boing.

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Times are tough. The recruitment market is tough. But here are 5 reasons why employing people who blog is more important than ever:

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A Salute to Free Thinking

by: John Caddell

By free I mean it doesn't cost anything. It's also the other kind of "free," too--unconstrained and bold.

What I'm talking about is the insight and information available today on blogs. It's absolutely remarkable what is on the net, as close as your browser or RSS reader. By any measure, it's tenfold or onehundredfold what the most curious reader had access to ten years ago.

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Plannersphere Top 20 - October '08

by: Iqbal Mohammed

The top 20 blogs in the plannersphere as of 1st October 2008:

01. Noah Brier

02. Influx Insights

03. adliterate

04. Talent imitates, genius steals

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10 Reasons to Stop Calling Yourself a 'Blogger'

by: David Armano

Several years ago, I gave this presentation at a blogging conference. I wanted to help people become better at blogging and I made a point which may or may not have been fully understood at the time. I suggested that we stop calling ourselves "bloggers".

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What Blogging Does to Planners

by: Iqbal Mohammed

Why do planners blog? Though this question keeps cropping up in various posts all over, this particular post at Diablogue made me sit up and really wonder.

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The Radio Times of the Future

by: David Jennings

This is the second of the excerpts from the first full draft of my book that I think it is worth rescuing from the cutting room floor. As I explained for the first one, there were a bunch of fictional scenarios that I devised imagining possible futures for consumers and for media organisations of different kinds. Some of them, including this one, were written in the form of interviews with media professionals.

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Niche Marketing Is The Key To Viral Marketing

by: Karl Long

Bobby Hendersons post explaining his Fine Art Taco experiment should be required reading for all marketing, advertising, business people, and bloggers.

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Book: The Cult of The Amateur

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