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Why Big Data Matters

Terabytes, Petabytes, Exabytes. Who can keep track? These strange terms have just begun to enter the business lexicon, but the hype surrounding them has reached a fever pitch. We have undoubtedly entered the age of big data.

Yet it’s hard for many to take it seriously.  While the blogosphere buzzes and millennials preach, most serious business people are focused on their jobs. They have partners, customers and employees to keep happy and all the techy mumbo jumbo just doesn’t seem relevant.

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Confused About Big Data? Here Are 5 Things You Need To Do

When the oil tycoon John Paul Getty was asked about his rules for success, he reportedly said, “Rise early, work hard, strike oil.”

It’s a funny line, but it seems positively quaint now. It’s hard to imagine young entrepreneurs these days looking to find their fortune in resource extraction. The days of wildcat wells have long been replaced by an industry that’s dominated  by geologists, geopolitics and an unruly band of petro-dictators.

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When Big Data Meets Consumer Behaviour: Social Media and Our Memories (video)

There is a lot of talk about big data and the social media data that we leave behind us online. In this talk of tools and processes, examples and opportunities, it can be easy to forget what we are dealing with. Social media data is the memories of the people who wrote that post, or took that photo. And memories mean something very specific to us as human beings.

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Big Data in retail banking – the opportunities and challenges

Written by Helen Trim.

There’s a lot of buzz about big data in the retail banking sector right now as all the major banks work out how best to bring new unstructured data sets (such as social data and mobile data) together with transactional data in order to improve customer experience, become more competitive and drive growth.

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How To Lose Credibility When Using Data

I have been saying for a while that data is the next big thing.

No, not data by itself (which we have been talking about forever) or even “Big Data” (which is thankfully past the prime of hype and beginning to decline and going back to its maiden name: Data). We are talking about how we use data, what we do with it, and how it leads us to better decisions.

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How To (Not) Get Smart About Big Data

If you are to believe the talk of twitter-town and its suburbs, due to the connectivity of numerous devices worldwide, we (will) also have available so much data, it is just waiting to be mined and will change how we do, well..,  just about everything. All this is being referred to as Big Data. The problem with all this data of course is the filtering.

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