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Best Practices for Delivering Excellent Customer Service Across Channels

Guest post by Veronica French 

In today’s real-time economy, customers have high customer service expectations. Excellent customer service starts with offering a speedy and seamless experience across your support channels. How will your company keep up with demand and deliver great omni-channel support?

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How Should We Evolve or Extend Our Brand

You’ve got brand-building questions; I’ve got answers!

Today I’m introducing a new short series of videos to address the questions I frequently hear about brand-building. My answers are taken from my recent media interviews, so they’re based on real-live issues. Take a look at the first instalment: How should we evolve or extend our brand?

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Why Best Practices Can Lead to Better Innovation

Applying state-of-the-art tools and processes is widely seen as a mark of excellence. So, perhaps not surprisingly, “best practice” is one of those terms that you constantly hear in corporate circles. Managers often see implementing them as key to their performance.

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41 Customer Experiences To Learn From

Brand Experience Week wrapped up last week, but there are plenty of Brand Experience Briefs for you to learn from. Check out these 41 videos that audit and analyze new or interesting restaurant and retail brands to learn the do’s and don’ts of customer experience design:

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Positive Deviance vs. Best Practices

Over time, I’ve seen people write disparagingly about the use of best practices in innovation. A recent example of this comes from Paul Martin in Say ‘Best Practice’ again, I dare you. As Paul notes:

For me the term ‘Best Practice’ conjures up images of a race toward uniform mediocrity, led by those who follow the crowd.

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How To Succeed in the Game of Experience Design? The Six Essentials Courtesy of Amanda Burden

This is a long post. You will only get value out of it if you find yourself genuinely interested in human beings and experience design.

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Twitter for Customer Service? These Companies Get It Right

If you follow my blog and my writings (and rantings, and presentations, and panels — if you ever talked to me about this) you know that I am not a big fan of using Twitter for Customer Service.

It is not that it is not possible to do it well, but it is that the resolution times, close rates, escalation rates, and just about any other metric you can use are so horrible by comparison that to do it is almost a waste of time and resources.

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A New Class Is in Session: 7 Lessons Professors Are Not Teaching about B2B Marketing

Guest Post by: Crissy Vetere

With the advancement of Marketing Automation and Revenue Performance Management, B2B marketers are now being taken into a new world of marketing that relies on customer driven, interactive, and cutting-edge practices that your professor probably never mentioned to you in Marketing 101.

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Email Marketing Best Practices from MarketingProfs Digital Marketing World

Guest Post by: Maria Pergolino

As part of a ‘mini-series’ of virtual events happening at the beginning of every month, MarketingProfs has collected a number of speakers including Sara Erzin from CheetahMail, Greg Cangialosi of BlueSky Factory and Scott Voigt of Silverpop to discuss topics ranging from email segmentation to social media and lead nurturing. With thousands of people registered for these events, I’ve decided to provide a summary of the three presentations for any that couldn’t attend.

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