The Economics of the Customer Experience

I originally wrote today's post for Confirmit in September 2014. This is a modified version of that post.

Not all returns from your customer experience investments are financial. Will that scare your executives?

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10 Ways to Profit from Customer Centricity

No customer-centricity programme deserves to exist without a business case. This doesn’t need to be extensive or be forensics proof. But it does need be present, if only as an estimate made on the back of an envelope. After all, any company initiative that is disconnected from the fiscal realities of business is impossible to sustain.

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Sorry, People Do Not Buy Products because They Look Good

One of the most important and significant things that I have learnt in the last few years working with businesses is that people don’t buy your products just because they look good. People buy your products because it benefits them; or it has something that is of value to them.

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Principles of New Product Marketing - Business-To-Business Style

by: John Caddell

I was inspired by reading this post by David Olson from the Product Development and Management Association blog.

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