The Beauty of Apple

I wonder if you have noticed something about the world of business? You may have not noticed it as this feature of business life is pervasive, so enduring, that lies in the background. I found myself reawakened to this feature recently.

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The Future of Web Design May Be Ugly

We’ve seen a variety of disastrous web design trends over the years. Remember splash pages? All-Flash sites? Frames? We may be on the cusp of a new trend: unstyled ugliness.

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Is My Work Beautiful because I'm Beautiful?

by: Design Translator

Heh-heh this has been doing the rounds in the boutique design blogs. Great watch and very funny as it’s all about “Why good design comes from hot designers”. NOT! But hey it’s eye candy all the way. Gosh I’m so shallow.

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by: David Armano

Walking by the train tracks on my way to work one day, I noticed a tiny tree sprouting from the rocks alongside the tracks. Headphones on, and power walk in place, I saw it—but really didn't "see" it. But a "whisper" told me to stop. So I did. Taking off my headphones, I knelt down and took this picture. The whisper said  "There's something here. Something to think about... How can tree grow in a place like this?".

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What Schools of Design Are You from? What Is a Designer: Objects, Functions, Meanings?

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Too many naked women

by: Dick Stroud

Apparently the Dove pro.age ads are not being shown in some countries because the sight of naked older ladies is thought to be too much for the fragile viewers.

Dove’s decision to leverage this fact is pretty smart.

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