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New report from Bain : The Collision of Demographics, Automation and Inequality

Warning. This report from Bain is not something to embark upon if you only have a couple of mins. It is long and detailed and it makes you think. Those words aren't code for saying it is boring. It is anything but that. It is terrifying.

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Baby Boomers Are Opening Their Wallets - So Says Gallup

You should read this research from Gallup. 

As the title suggests, it reckons that US Baby Boomers are spending - certainly more than they did a year ago.

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Report from IRI Times & Trends Report “Aging America: Carving Out Growth in Mature Markets"

This report contains some great headline figures that should frighten the living daylights out of anybody in the CPG industry who has not got a strategy for engaging the ageing consumer.

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All Consuming Baby Boomers Are the Country's Biggest Polluters

So claims an article in today’s Sunday Times (you are only going to be able to read this if you have a subscription).

The chart below and the claim are taken from a 120 page report “Demographic change and the environment”.

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