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Why Developing Customer Relationships Is So Hard

The Harvard Business Review recently interviewed psychologist John Gottman, the executive director of the Relationship Research Institute in Seattle. Although Gottman’s work focuses mostly on interpersonal relationship (in contrast to business-customer relationships), many of his comments are pertinent to marketers. According to Gottman:

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“Value”, “Value”, “Value”– the Most Vague and Over-Used Word in Marketing

By: Chris Lawer

Everyday, marketers, product developers, managers, all business-people in fact talk about “value”. In fact, I reckon it is probably the most popular – yet at the same time, most misunderstood - word used in everyday business conversation.

(Quick “non-empirical test” using Google: Value – 776 million hits, Customer – 583 million hits, “A Definition of Value” – 606 hits!)

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B2F Connections

by: Dick Stroud

According to WS’s study, titled "B2F Connections," boomers serve as important information sources for fellow boomers when making purchasing decisions.

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I Digg Dell

By: Stefan Kolle 

Dell lately really seems to get it. After their Direct2Dell blog was launched last year, helping to ease a lot of the DellHell pain, now Dell Ideastorm has been launched. Ideastorm allows visitors to make suggestions to improve the Dell experience.

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Want to Build Up Blog Buzz? Start Writing Checks for $8

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Why Blogging Matters: 6 Degrees of Perspective

by: David Armano

The following "group post" is the Brainchild of Eric Kintz from HP.  Eric recently coordinated this effort between myself and some very respectable names representing distinctly different areas related to marketing. 

We're not theoretically debating the merits or de-merits of blogging and social networks.  We're participating.  Here's what we have to say:

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Customer Advocacy and Brand Development

by: Chris Lawer

Something of a personal milestone achieved today - my first academic paper is published, in the Journal of Product and Brand Management, co-authored with Professor Simon Knox at Cranfield.

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People Don't Trust Businesses Like They Used To

by: Lynette Webb

 Click image to enlarge.

Image from Flickr CC thanks to mdelacruz

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'Customer-Made' is Lead User on Speed

by: Chris Lawer

I read Trendwatching’s beautifully presented summary of the Co-Creation trend, which they call Customer-Made.  It’s terrific that Rainier and his team are putting co-creation right at the top as their most important business and innovation trend. I’m bound to agree with that.

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Threadless.com - Customer Driven Innovation/Design

by: Karl Long

Threadless.com is a T-Shirt company and it has some of the coolest, most beautiful, original T-Shirts I’ve ever seen.

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