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People Make the Experience, Technology Enhances It

I've been involved in a number of customer service conversations lately, as I believe that in our social media world, companies are going to have to deal a lot more with customers who complain publicly when things don't go well.

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Be Human & Listen, This Is the Best Advice We Have?


I've been following the CRMe10 event on Twitter and this Tweet popped into the feed:

"Be Human" Wow probably most compelling statement of the entire #CRMe10 event.

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It’s Valentine, and I Want a Divorce

Dear Marketer,

Valentine just passed, and together with many others, my wife and I celebrated that sacred bond that only loved ones can share: a warm and lasting relationship. But as we did, I also started thinking about that “other” relationship you tell me I should have.  The relationship with your brand and your company. 

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My First Slidecast: Added Audio to Employing Your Customers for Fun and Profit or Design for Co-Creation

After the video of my presentation at Inverge 2 years ago has failed show up I have finally put an audio track on this presentation to provide a bit more context around my thinking and ideas. Amazingly, 2 years later the majority of the presentation still rings true and i believe the better companies can engage with customers in co-creation the more competitive they will be and the more meaning customers will derive out of these relationships.

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Vendors Are Talking: Grocer Is “Not Going to Let Someone Steal My Customer”

Language, especially spoken language, is very revealing when it comes to someone’s values. This is why corporate executives are subjected to media training to keep them on message while speaking in public – meaning, of course, to appear to say something while not really saying anything.

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Does HP Need a Plan for Broken Promises? Do You?

Well before the social media age, we all learned that trust and reputation are important currencies in this thing called life.  That's why our parents, professors and parish priests have taught us to be honest and honour our promises.  And most of us try and do just that.  It doesn't always work like we want, but largely we get by.  Or if things go wrong, we apologise and try to make amends.

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Time to Retire the 'Let Sleeping Dogs Lie' Strategy for Contract Renewal

by: John Caddell

Auto-renewals of long-term contracts have a lot to like about them, at least for the seller of a product. If the customer doesn’t have the bandwidth or energy to reopen negotiations, a contract rolls over for another period–one year, three years or more. The supplier wipes his brow and relaxes, with that client’s business in the books.

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Walls of Separation

by: David Armano

Today as I watched a video of Peter Arnell describe the rationale behind Tropicana's rejected package design, I had a bit of an epiphany. Many companies, brands and organizations are inadvertently building walls between themselves and their customers. It's unintentional, happened over time—but ultimately in this age of empowerment, customers feel more connected to each other than they do to your business or brand.

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Delta Northwest: A Dream or a Nightmare

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

Last Thursday, Delta announced that its acquisition of Northwest had been approved. This will be either a dream or a nightmare for fliers of either airline.

And, oddly enough, I think it'll depend on how the new entity brands itself.

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I'm Your Number One Fan

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

I’m at the Forrester Marketing Conference in Los Angeles, which kicked off with a spiel about a woman in Cincinnati who pretty much dedicated her life to Ikea.

After regularly driving hundreds of miles to shop at the closest locations, she took it upon herself to campaign for a store closer by. Well, that, and a whole lot more:

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