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ICYMM: The Modern Customer Interaction

(ICYYM: In Case You Missed Me: linking to writing done elsewhere)

Another area where I spent a long time working in 2014 is customer interactions. I mean, I am supposed to be a customer strategist… and customer interactions are the representation of what companies and customers do together… so why not? Right?

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The Tragi-comedy of Customer Service

Guest Post by: Laszlo Kövari

Millions of stories have been written about bad customers service. It would be too easy to write another one, too easy to analyze the details, to pinpoint how they make all the mistakes that are logically possible to make and -with a twisted, reverse-creativity that defies “logic”-  even more.

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Do You Curate Your Audience?

Earlier this week, in a hot New York City, I was having some tea and lemonade with a dear friend who is a  senior publishing executive. When our conversation turned to exploring the future of publishing she said, “our folks say our core value is to curate content”. I suggested that the real challenge for any publisher today is not just to curate content, but to manage audiences for the authors. She said, “in other words we need to curate audiences”.

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Walls of Separation

by: David Armano

Today as I watched a video of Peter Arnell describe the rationale behind Tropicana's rejected package design, I had a bit of an epiphany. Many companies, brands and organizations are inadvertently building walls between themselves and their customers. It's unintentional, happened over time—but ultimately in this age of empowerment, customers feel more connected to each other than they do to your business or brand.

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Corporate Change #4 - Don't Leave Engaging with the Outside to Marketing/PR

by: John Caddell

In the prior post in this series, I talked about galvanizing the will to change through "bringing the outside in"--learning what customers, the press, influencers--really anyone--thinks about the company, its products, its marketplace, industry, etc.

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The Top Ten Stupid Ways to Hinder Market Adoption

by: Guy Kawasaki

Here’s a compilation of silly and stupid ways companies are hindering adoption of their products and services. I must admit, some of the companies that I’ve invested in have made these mistakes—in fact, that’s why I know these mistakes are (a) silly; (b) stupid; and (c) hinder adoption.

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PREDICTIONS buzzword for 2007 will be amplification

by: Lynette Webb (with Dan Calladine)

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Sustainable by Design

by: David Wigder

An Interview with Ian Yolles, VP of Marketing, Nau

What if you could build a company from the ground up, where every decision was based on the principles of sustainability? Nau is an emerging outdoor apparel company that is trying to do just that. In fact, even its corporate bylaws state that fiduciary responsibility to shareholders must be balanced by the needs of the environment.

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Measuring Emotion in the Customer Experience

by: Chris Lawer

We have been doing some work recently helping a client identify appropriate means to measure  emotions in the customer experience.

Here are some example methods which I briefly describe:


Used by: Intuit, American Express, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, GE Capital, Norwich Union

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will facebook learn from its mistake?

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