Lousy Customer Satisfaction-It’s a Global Phenomenon!

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The Art of Partnering

 by Guy Kawasaki

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B2B Branding - You Don’t Believe in it! Do you?

by: Hemant Karandikar

So you politely listen to all that on B2B branding etc. You turn over the pages of your business magazine when you encounter anything on B2B branding. Yes, yes you have important stakes in a B2B company -capital goods, packaged software, banking services…. You are not alone in being sceptical. But would you sit up and take notice now that IBM is doing putting money or real B2B experiential marketing?

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 by: Jennifer Rice

The following phrase jumped out at me as I was reading the partial transcript of Peter Weedfald's keynote speech at Ad:Tech on FCNow (Peter is SVP of strategic marketing and new media for Samsung):

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