The Unwisdom of Crow

Rising costs on everyday necessities, no good job opportunities, and a crushing national debt. Sound familiar? They were the primary triggers for what became the French Revolution.

While the parallels to today’s political experiences (most notably the Tea Party, and now the Occupy Wall Street movement) aren’t direct, both eras of social movements  evidence the consistent unwisdom of crowds.

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Search + Social = Authority x Influence

Search Is Information Based

There are two primary ways a digital participant finds content across the digital cloverleaf (paid, owned, earned, social properties). One scenario is to initiate a search using a popular search engine such as Google.

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Why CES Doesn't Matter

The 2011 International Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas ended yesterday, not with a bang but with a whimper. 

Here's why it’s an anachronism:


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Confused Definitions

More is better, according to the leading marketing theorists when it comes to brands participating in social media. Blogger how-to lists and entire books are dedicated to the proposition, and there are services that will tee-up "content" so you can repurpose it into the mediasphere. The Conventional Wisdom not only says this is effective commercial speech but that it's a replacement for old approaches, like advertising. Spend more of your marketing budget on it this year or risk being oh so 2010.

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Anarchy in the UI

  • WikiLeaks shakes the security assumptions of the US government by releasing classified documents relating to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • An operation called Project Vigilant hacks WikiLeaks and reveals its source.

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Measuring Word of Mouth

by: Mark Rogers

How do you measure word of mouth? The increasing importance of social networks to brands and advertisers has raised this problem very sharply in the last few weeks. Media owners, pharmaceutical companies, automotive manufacturers all need to know the same thing: how am I doing?

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