What Kind of Communicating Generates an Uplifting Customer Experience?

The Interplay Between Communicating & Relating

The relating that occurs between human beings is a function of the communicating that is occurring between these human beings; the communicating that is occurring between human beings is function of the relating that is occurring. Which is to say that the communicating and relating are essentially in a dynamic dance with one another.

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Don’t tell me i am beautiful

For a campaign that was intended to inspire people, Dove’s Beauty Sketches has received quite a bit of criticism.

Among the complaints lodged have been:

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What Does It Take To Be a Leader and for Leadership To Show Up? (Part III)

This post continues and completes the conversation on what it takes to be a leader (and for leadership to show up) from an ontological perspective as put forward and taught by Werner Erhard et al. There are three foundational strands to this model: ‘integrity’, ‘authenticity’, and ‘being committed to something bigger than oneself’.  

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What Does It Take To Be a Leader and for Leadership To Show Up? (Part II – Authenticity)

Leadership matters. Whilst there are many ways of grappling with leadership, I value the ontological lens and in particular the ontological model of leadership that has been developed and is being taught by Werner Erhard et al. In this post I continue the conversation on being a leader (and leadership) that I started in the last post.

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Bright Lights Project: Ashton Kutcher

Kutcher, long a pioneer in "celebrity tweeting" and the amasser of 8 million+ Twitter followers, has announced he will no longer type his own messages but rather rely on his PR team to come up with fodder to fill his stream. Social media evangelists are bemoaning the possible end of authentic tweeting because other celebs and brands follow suit.

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Guest Post by: Laszlo Kövari

“Something can be rejected competently only by the one who is at the same time able to defend it perfectly. And something can be advocated competently only by the one who is able to reject it perfectly.” – Andras Laszlo.

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Tobacco 'Truth' Adverts Spark Smoking-hot Debate

We are all truth seekers. Authenticity rules today more than ever before. I recently wrote an article for Harvard Business Review about how brands can spark engagement and empowerment in their customers by telling the world what they’re against, rather than what they’re for (you can read it here).

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The Joy Luck Club Method to Brand Strategy

I’ve finally gotten around to reading “The Opposite of Fate:  A Book of Musings,” a book released quite a while ago by Amy Tan, the author of best-selling novels like The Joy Luck Club and The Kitchen God’s Wife. Like all of her other writings, this book has been a delight to devour. Not only has it entertained me and helped me understand Tan (and therefore myself), but also it has inspired me. Tan includes many insights about story-telling and communication in general which I believe can be applied to developing brand strategies.

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My Next Book Will Be Called "The Authenticity Gap". I May Not Get Many Serious Readers. How about "Authenticity without Commitment"?

The Authenticity Gap - that should be the title of my next book. Well, I don’t think I have time to write another book, it took me almost 5 weeks last time. I guess I will need at least 8 weeks. But no. Maybe a blog post, it takes only 15 mins. I do like the name, but I guess it won't sell well. Maybe "Authenticity Without Commitment", this is a far better title, I think I can sell 20,000 copies and sell a lot of seminars. Will get sponsorship from BP for sure.

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Haunted by Dancing Khakis

Gap Inc. is searching for "a creative partner for our holiday 2010 campaign," according to Advertising Age. In the spirit of helping the brand’s managers with their decision, I hereby offer up some straight and very dim suggestions: 

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