Brand New Big Shit. It All Started Today for Apple.

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Apple, Google and Everyone Else - Who Owns the Customer Experience?

by: Karl Long

It's funny, I would suggest that Apple and Google probably have very different design processes and certainly a very different culture so what is the common denominator?

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Mano-a-Mano with Steve Ballmer

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Consumers Wake up. Thanks, Apple?

By: Marina Natanova

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Lenovo and Apple - The Tales of Two Customer Experience Stories

Marketing - Is Its Job to 'Serve' or to 'Create'?

by: Idris Mootee

The idea of "customer orientation" comes up almost all the time during my meetings with clients. It is generally define as an organization culture in which all executives and employees are committed to the continuous creation of customer value of delivering on their needs.

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Apple + Nokia

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'Touch' is the new paradigm

by: Dominic Basulto

Every now and then, there's a paradigm shift within an industry or field. Sometimes the change is subtle, other times, it is in-your-face obvious. The roll-out of the Microsoft Surface computer within months of the Apple iPhone launch signal a paradigm shift in the way that we interface with our digital devices.

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From Apples to Weeds: Design, Experience and Product Narrative

by: C. Sven Johnson

The MIT Technology Review site has recently been carrying a surprising number of articles discussing Industrial Design and I wanted to pass them on to those of you who may not regularly surf through.

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Apple and the art of introducing innovative new products

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